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Agriculture. We need people with creative minds with livestock.poultry, meat,cereal, oil seeds, anything that climate changes in this industry. Including food, fiber, and specialty crops, organic and so many others. So if you have that creative that you
know well make it into this category. Please creative minds.

    Alternative Energy And Renewable Energy
Hydro -Electric power
Fossil Fuel
Wave Power
Solar Power

Wind Power, Bio-mas. So if you have a project, for clean energy or renewable and alternative.
Please get with us asap. We have private investors.


     Risk Management

What is Risk Management?
It's an investment problem. The ultimate goal is to develop a product and pricing portfolio that balance exposure  to risk, just as you would with  diversified portfolio of investments.
However in this case the, the volatility doesn't come from stock prices rising or falling.
It comes from fluctuations in revenue and cost. For food  manufactures, the net opportunity for Risk Management through better supply and demand decisions is large because improvements grows as sales grow, not margin. Relative margin improvements can be significant, typically resulting in improved gross margins in the vicinity of 1 to 4 percent sales.  Note that there are two terms we will use in this white paper that should be defined. Demand  Optimization, means changing prices, discounts, and / or product mix to shift demand into more profitable products.
Let us help you.

 Private Investors ,For small or Very large business Projects.
Your business plan must be a comprehensive selling documents able to impress our review processor, myself and more importantly our funding sources. To maximize our documentation our efforts on your behalf, we urge you to be certain that elements are prominently featured in your documentation.An important note!  We do not sign NDA'S in order to evaluate potential clients or projects!!! If we can not discuss the  details of the opportunity, it is virtually impossible to generate the interest of our sources. We may however provide valuable guidance with regard to the development of business planning documentation that is uniquely well-suited to gaining the attention of our private capital sources.Please get with any one of us. So we can get you out a packet of doc's we need.

ACH Loans
& Business Loans

  Business Loans from $ 500.00 to $100.000. Get cash in 13 days.We have different programs for different situations. Our ACH Loan Program are based on monthly sales volume. Not credit scores or merchant accounts, and no upfront fee's.


1.5M    To 100.000.000
We know how the difficult it is to find funds for your project, this special program is tailored to help connect you to expertise you need. Project Creation & Mastermind and Creative Marketing. You must have experience in the industry. Film and Movie Custom Commercial Media Marketing.
Please Specify your level of commitment and project type. No upfront fee's.

 Summer One funding, also provides funding or financing for, Multi family and single family homes,  for flip and fix projects. Finance house flipping and refinancing is one of many specialties we do.